Note: If you have Internet Explorer 7.0 or later you do not need to follow these instructions

Internet Explorer 6.0 Security Settings

To use Exova advantage with Internet Explorer 6.0 the following Internet Explorer Settings need to be applied.
There are 11 steps to complete.

You may find it useful to print a copy of this document because it is not easy to read these instructions and make changes at the same time.

1. Open Internet Explorer. Click Tools>Internet Options

2. Click on the Security Tab

3. Click Trusted sites, and click Sites

4. Add

5. Click the Add button

6. Click Custom Level...

7. Run ActiveX controls and plugins - Enable
Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting - Enable

8. Allow META REFRESH - Enable

9. Active Scripting - Enable

10. Click Yes to change the security settings

11. Click OK to close Internet Options

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