Eurofins advantage

Eurofins have launched a new and improved web based Client Portal, called Eurofins advantage, to support the Food and Environmental Laboratories in the UK and Ireland. The new system incorporates the following features:

  • Sample results are available 24 hours a day
  • Results from multiple sites can be incorporated into the same website
  • Visual impact of colour coded test results
  • Data managed by simple filtering and selection of samples and results
  • Specification levels can be set for each test
  • Flexible trending and analysis tool
  • On-line sample submission
  • On-line invoices and schedules
  • On-line test certificates
  • On-line sample sign off
  • Certificates alerts and PDFs sent via email
  • Self managed user administration
  • Dedicated support and training
  • Customisation of sample data with definition of fields, order and names
  • Secure and confidential

Tracking your Results

Companies can view the status for all of their samples 24 hours a day from booking in, all the way to certification within one website. Test results are released within minutes of approval at the laboratory. These results are not dependent on all the test results being completed for a sample. This highlights early issues, such as out of specification results, before all test results are certified for a sample. Certified samples can be signed off to show action taken.

Trending and Analysis

User-friendly colour-coded graphics make it easy to locate out of specification test results and samples. The client can provide individual test specifications for each sample or product, which are entered with the results to highlight any issues that may arise. Test specification limits can easily be viewed by clicking on the test result without the need to back reference information from another source.

Eurofins advantage comes packaged with an easy to download Trending Tool. Specific results can be selected by time frame i.e. a monthly or annual report or by test parameter by performing a simple search. These results can then be saved and analysed by the trending tool to create a variety of useful charts, line graphs and data summaries.

Multiple Sites

Eurofins advantage allows for multiple manufacturing sites to be incorporated into a single website, no matter where samples are tested within Eurofins. This allows one manager to access the results of multiple sites. Site security can be set to permit the site only to see their results.

Users can be self managed by assigned company administrators and allocated access rights at different levels, limiting or giving access to other manufacturing sites as required.

On-line sample submission

Eurofins advantage enables clients to submit samples directly online improving efficiency, accuracy and traceability. Frequently submitted batches can be saved and quickly recalled. Product lists can be maintained online. Testing is defined as part of the submission process. Labels can be created and attached to samples together with sample submission paperwork, saving time completing paperwork and identifying samples manually. Previously submitted batches can be recalled for reference.

Certificate Alerts

Eurofins advantage enables clients to receive certificate alerts and certificate PDFs directly to their inbox.

Client Support

Eurofins employ a dedicated team to support Eurofins advantage including demonstration, website creation, training and ongoing client support through remote access to ensure that the solution meets the specific needs of the clients.

NOTE: Eurofins advantage is available subject to specification.



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